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"Business Start-Up"

Get your small business off the ground with our comprehensive "Small Business Start-Up" package. This all-in-one solution includes essential tools and services to help you manage your business efficiently and professionally.

  • Basic CRM (Customer Relationship Management):

    - Keep track of your contacts, leads, and customers in one centralized database.

    - Record interactions, set reminders, and manage customer information seamlessly.

  • Business Phone Number:

    - Present a professional image with a dedicated business phone number.

    - Manage calls, voicemails, and forwarding options from a single dashboard.

  • All-in-One Inbox:

    - Streamline communication by integrating your emails, messages, and notifications into a unified inbox.

    - Stay organized and responsive to customer inquiries.

  • Calendar:

    - Schedule appointments, meetings, and tasks with ease.

    - Set reminders and manage your time efficiently to stay on top of your business commitments.

  • Payment Processing with Invoices:

    - Accept payments from clients securely and conveniently.

    - Create professional invoices, track payments, and send payment reminders.

"Marketing Pro"

The Marketing Pro package is tailored for businesses seeking advanced marketing and lead generation solutions without the high costs typically associated with SEO and paid advertising. With features like VIP programs, SMS engagement, reputation management, and more, you can build strong customer relationships, boost your online reputation, and drive growth.

  • VIP Program:

    - Reward loyal customers with a VIP program that allows them to earn points for specific actions.

    - Customers can redeem points for gift cards or exclusive specials, fostering customer loyalty.

  • Newsletter Capability:

    - Create and send engaging newsletters to your subscriber list.

    - Keep your audience informed about promotions, news, and updates.

  • Missed Call Text Back:

    - Automatically send a text message to customers who tried to call but couldn't reach you.

    - Retain potential customers and provide them with information or incentives to stay engaged.

  • SMS Webchat Widget:

    - Add an SMS webchat widget to your website to capture leads and engage with web visitors.

    - Start SMS conversations directly from your website to convert visitors into customers.

  • Automations for FAQs:

    - Set up automations to answer basic FAQ questions on behalf of your business.

    - Save time and improve customer experience with quick responses.

  • Reputation Management:

    - Implement a review filter to showcase 5-star reviews on Google and prevent negative ones from being posted.

    - Send review requests via SMS to encourage positive feedback.

    - Respond to all reviews to increase customer engagement and trust.

  • QR Codes and Surveys:

    - Create QR codes and surveys for customers to provide feedback and valuable insights.

    - Use data to improve your business's products and services.

  • Database Reactivation

    - Revive and re-engage with your inactive customer database; rekindle relationships and potential business.



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